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By appointment.
Call Parish Office 920-337-2330.

Catholic Schools

Notre Dame School of De Pere and Its Board of Education:

St. Mary and St. Francis share the responsibility for supporting the school in time, talent and treasure. The Board of Education has six basic functions: planning, policy-making, hiring the administrator, finance/budgeting, evaluation and public relations. The Notre Dame School has classes for preschool through 8th grade. Weekly Masses are celebrated with the school children at St. Francis. Sacramental programs are also scheduled for the children through the parish of the family. There are also Boy Scout and Girl Scout programs available to the children.

Here's the link to the website for Notre Dame of De Pere school.

Scrip Sale

Through the Scrip program established at Notre Dame, scrip (gift certificates for local stores and shops) is available for purchase in the Narthex after weekend masses. A percentage of the proceeds from these sales can then be donated back to St. Mary or to Notre Dame School.

Scrip Order Form

School Registration

School registration materials for the school year are usually released at the beginning of February. Any child is allowed to apply for enrollment in the school; however, if they are members of either St. Mary Catholic Church or St. Francis Xavier Parish, they are charged a lower tuition rate. However, to receive this lower tuition rate, families must demonstrate that they are an "Active Parish Member." To qualify as such, families must:

Be an active participant in the weekend Liturgy when they are in town. They must actively participate in the work and mission of the church, and contribute financially to the welfare of the church.

All of these requirements must be met before a family is considered an "Active Parish Member," and hence receive the discounted tuition rate. If a family cannot pledge at the recommended levels to be considered an "Active Parish Member", then a Tuition Assistance Form can be filled out and then reviewed by the Financial Assistance Review Board. Based on family need, the Board will award financial assistance to families so that their children may be able to attend Notre Dame School. Tuition Assistance Form

All forms and information are available for the upcoming school year in the Parish Office or can be downloaded from the Notre Dame of De Pere School website. If you would like more information about the registration process or have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Parish Office.

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